The positive response to the Antigua Photo Walks that I lead around La Antigua Guatemala has been overwhelming. In less than a year of being listed on TripAdvisor, the photo walks have been received over 40 excellent reviews, putting it among the top 5 activities to do in Antigua Guatemala.

Antigua Photo Walks At Position No. 4 on TripAdvisor

Here’s one of the recent reviews. To read other reviews, visit the TripAdvisor page for Antigua Photo Walks.

Packed with Fun and Invaluable Tips”

Great fun with Rudy on my photo walk of Antigua.
It was the day before my group tour was to start, and another member of the group, an accomplished photographer, had raved about his photography walking tour with Rudy. I had some free time so I rang Rudy up, and the tour began that afternoon.

Rudy is a born teacher and knows how to tailor his presentation to his students. He knew exactly how much technical information I could handle and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I learned PRACTICAL tips that will greatly enhance the way I take photographs from now on.

Rudy particularly focused on street photography, because I told him that was my interest. We went out into the main square of Antigua and had fun comparing shots. Rudy urged me to be courageous taking photographs of people and pointed out ways I could improve.

I can recommend Rudy highly: for his patience and for his ability to synthesize his vast knowledge of photography and convey it in a simple way. It’s clear that photography is his passion, that he wants to share it with others, and that he wants to have fun doing it!

— AMavita, San Francisco, California

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