Even if you don’t know him by name, you are likely to recognize Bass’ work, or at least his influence.

In 1955, Bass re-teamed with Otto Preminger to create the poster for his controversial movie The Man With the Golden Arm in which Frank Sinatra starred as a heroin addict. Bass used the arm as a centerpiece, and established his signature style using deconstruction, bright colors and sharp angles.

Additionally, Bass designed the opening title sequence, once again highlighting the arm.

Desde antes de ser diseñador gráfico ya me gustaba el trabajo de Saul Bass. Hoy cuando me tope con su cartel para el filme «The Man With The Golden Arm» decidí que próximamente haré algunos diseños inspirados en su estilo.

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  1. dic7 says:

    Te iba a comentar que en Tumblr hay un tema inspirado en su estilo pero veo que ya lo estas usando jeje

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